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Twilight(Breaking dawn<3)
so yea im almost done with breaking dawn and its really good.

Bella's a vampire now and charlie knows about jacob being a werewolf and renesmee has an awesome power. bella can control herself around humans its pretty cool. im on chapter 30 i only got 9 more. im excited i want to know what happens sooooo bad so i gotta finish it tonight.

                                      so yea i wrapped my gifts today for my mom and gram. my mom told me i could look so of coarse i did i got clothes form my mom and my camera which i already knew.
i wrapped my camera so different so it would be the first thing i opened haha i want it sooooo bad. i got a bunch of clothes fom my mom and everyone else just gets me gift cards. my aunts a retard and plans everything last minute so my mom wnats to rip her head off. i find it funny that she thinks she can tell me how much makeup i can and cant wear. she told me i cant come with a bunch of makeup on or shes taking it off.  so im going to cause i told her she will not touch my face or tell me what to do. haha


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